Who we are


Our history as a company was born in 2014 with its constitution, based on more than a decade of experience in the world of projects and training.

Its founders contribute to the company with their knowledge, abilities and complementary practices from a concrete level to the wider international collaboration.

Thanks to all this, we can offer high quality in our services, developed from the root of the need, to the closure of the successful implementation of the project.

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Monica Moreno

Pedagogical Director

Monica Moreno, one of the founders of M&M Profuture Training is graduated in Pedagogy and for more than 15 years she lived the several aspects of the design, development and implementation of training and projects.

Whereas she was looking for the best teachers to teach quality training, being responsible of HHRR, she developed and implemented projects from the initial design to the execution, evaluation and closure, providing a more pedagogical and training point of view and methodology.

She also lived the reality of managing the Department of Occupational and Vocational Training in one of the companies where she previously worked.

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Montserrat Renedo

Director of Business Development

Montserrat Renedo, the other founder of M&M Profuture Training, is graduated in English Philology and Executive MBA and she has more than a decade experience in the training world.

She learnt from the basis how the sector works, since she lived as a teacher the reality of training, working later as project and training manager, when she learnt from the birth of an idea to design, develop and implement global successful projects.

Several years as director of the Department of Programs and Projects in one of the companies where she previously worked provided her with fruitful and worthy experience, both for team leadership and executive skills development.