In M&M Profuture Training we work with a global view of the product, guiding our customers along the process.

Thanks to this philosophy we make the idea grow from the real need to the final result, working exhaustively in all the essential stages for the execution of the service and optimal results at all levels.

You can know our services, we are specialists in...

Needs analysis and detection

We provide companies with training needs analysis that help them to make their businesses grow at all levels: economic, organizational, professional and personal.

Technical guidance and coaching

We guide our customers in the challenge of the operational definition of their projects, concreting objectives, goals and needs in a tangible and implementable process.

Ideas and projects development

We create successful ideas and projects which generate structural and real profit, developing methodological, pedagogical and training strategies focused on our customers.

Implementation and execution of services and/or products

To develop the implementation of the project is an important challenge and it is essential during the execution to materialize the described aspects in the study and/or project developed. It is for this reason that we have a strategic plan which determines in detail and chronologically the best way of developing the activities, in order to achieve the objectives.

Results exploitation

We consider results are essential, so it is crucial to get optimal, useful and tangible results. Also offering later exploitation and sustainability is fundamental. Therefore, our customers will get clear defined and exploitable products and at the same time they will benefit from our wide collaborators network.

Process assessment

Thanks to the efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness analysis of the actions developed and the program established, as well as their implementation and execution, we and our customers are able to check whether services and objectives are delivered according the defined objectives, the service quality and the efficacy of the program or project developed.

Project design and implementation in autonomous, national and international Call for proposals

Preparation and implementation of proposals within autonomous and national vocational training call for proposals, and different programs and tenders, such as Local and National Occupational Plans, Innovation Plans, Personalised Insertion Itineraries, etc.

Furthermore we develop and execute programs within the Lifelong Learning Program (Leonardo Da Vinci, Erasmus and Grundtvig) and the current Erasmus +.

Students mobilities (students, workers, unemployed and professionals)

Within the framework of the new European program Erasmus + and with the aim of providing students with the abilities needed for the transition of the educational and training field to the labour market, and also to provide training staff with pedagogical updates, we manage mobilities with and for organizations aiming to introduce participants into the real world, so that they strengthen their basis for their professional future and labour improvement.

Training design and teaching

Taking into account the training needs detected in the organization, we design tailored training activities, giving an innovative and differentiating vision.

Thanks to our expert collaborators network we are able to assure optimal quality in teaching the designed training.

Discounting Spanish quota

We manage the annual Spanish quota that organizations have to train their workers, by means of the national application of discounts of the Social Security.