Who we are

M&M Profuture Training is a synonym for confidence and guidance towards the customer in the development and implementation of innovative projects, related to education, training and work.

We base our work in real needs: we start from an idea and we develop it into a tangible and successful project.

Our team has wide experience in the design, management, development and implementation of training projects, and the company has a network of expert collaborators in different fields and in aspects both theoretical and practical. This symbiosis assures the efficacy of the global process, working accurately all aspects needed in the creation of the offered service.


Our history as a company was born in 2014 with its constitution, based on more than a decade of experience in the world of projects and training.

Its founders contribute to the company with their knowledge, abilities and complementary practices from a concrete level to the wider international collaboration.

Thanks to all this, we can offer high quality in our services, developed from the root of the need, to the closure of the successful implementation of the project.

Collaborators netword

In M&M Profuture Training we have a wide network of expert collaborators in different fields and sectors, which allow us to offer a high quality, innovative and effective service.

Moreover, our collaborators’ network also allow us generate collaborative opportunities and links really useful to broaden our scope of applicability, from a close level to an international expansion.